US – New England’s premier meal delivery service company, Feast & Fettle has partnered with recycling firm TerraCycle to launch a Container Return Program for their members across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

As part of the program, Feast & Fettle has been collecting plastic food containers directly from members’ homes since last month.

These containers are transported from the meal delivery service provider’s Rhode Island facility to TerraCycle’s Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

At the MRF, the containers are broken down before being recycled into raw material for use in products such as outdoor furniture, watering cans, storage containers and athletic fields.

TerraCycle business development Director Dylan Layfield said: “At TerraCycle, we are committed to ensuring that waste continues to be diverted away from landfill and local communities.

“Feast & Fettle not only shares that commitment but has taken it to the next level with the implementation of the Container Return Programme, setting a sustainable example for other meal delivery services through their efforts to preserve the environment and maximize our ability to do good.”

Since its inception in 2016, Feast & Fettle has been delivering locally prepared meals in reusable bags and commercial-grade ice packs both of which are returned with every delivery.

With the addition of the new container return program, members are left with absolutely zero waste after enjoying their F&F meals.

“We are extremely proud to take this step forward with Terracycle,” said Feast & Fettle CEO Carlos Ventura.

“Our vertically integrated delivery model places us in a unique position to ensure that members can continue to enjoy our service.

“We’re extremely proud to take this step forward with TerraCycle. Our vertically integrated delivery model puts us in a unique position to ensure that members can enjoy our service sustainably.”

This collaboration follows an earlier pact in April this year between TerraCycle and clinical skincare brand Murad to launch the Murad Recycling Programme.

The recycling scheme collects packaging to be melted into hard plastic and used for manufacturing new recycled products.

Customers receive points for each shipment of packaging they send to TerraCycle. The points can be used as charitable gifts or cash donations to their chosen charity or school.

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