FRANCE – French printing company HUMA Print has chosen Truepress Jet520HD to drive quality and offer hyper-personalized printing solutions.

Founded in 1829, HUMA Print is one of the oldest printing companies in France, formerly known as Hélio Corbeil, and specialised in rotogravure for mass communication and large volumes, printing around 10 million magazine copies a week.

But for the past two years, the 23 partners and employees of HUMA Print have been shifting from mass to hyper-personalized printing.

With the Truepress Jet520HD, the company expects to drive quality and scale its offering with prints that meet customers’ demands.

“Our new machinery brings together the very best in digital printing,” says Bruno Arasa, Managing Director of HUMA Print.

“We choose the SCREEN Truepress Jet 520HD printer for its offset quality equivalent, but also because the inkjet printer allows us to propose the customized offers at the heart of our new strategy.”

The Truepress Jet520HD high-definition inkjet web presses deliver realistic images that expand the boundaries of inkjet printing.

With 1,200 dpi true resolution and precise droplet control, the Truepress Jet520HD achieves the colors, textures, details and solid ink areas expected for high-end publication and commercial work.

For direct mail advertising, the enhanced design opportunities improve response rates of personalized marketing campaigns making the Jet520HD an appealing alternative to offset/digital hybrid and toner-based production.

The press is able to place 2-picoliter droplets — the world’s smallest level — exactly where the dots are required on paper as it moves through a high-speed transfer system.

Combined with the maximum true resolution of 1,200 dpi, the Truepress Jet520HD series can clearly image detail smaller than 0.10 of a point. The result is a sharp, eye-catching finish with no ink spread or jaggies.

Mass printing no longer offers interesting prospects. The future of print is moving towards less quantity but more efficiency through better targeting and increased personalization – allowing for greater added value,” added Arasa.

To achieve this transformation, the cooperative enterprise completed a US$ 6.11 million (€6 million) investment plan to equip itself with just the right digital printing and finishing machines.

Bruno Arasa acknowledges the challenges of changing the mission and strategy of a company with such a long history. “But I’m convinced that we have chosen the right path and that we are ready for the future,” he says.

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