GERMANY – German adhesive tape technology firm Lohmann has launched its new adhesive tape, DuploFLEX 5 GRIP, for the flexographic printing industry with a high grip on the sleeve.

DuploFLEX 5 GRIP is designed to offer a more process-safe and sustainable adhesive solution to the printing industry through reliability and dampening properties.

Lohmann said that the latest product also enhances the press uptime while maintaining the ease of demounting.

According to the firm, plate mounting tapes serve as a substructure during printing, and their dependability and dampening qualities significantly improve the quality of the print.

When compared to traditional plate mounting tape, DuploFLEX 5 GRIP has substantially better adhesion to the sleeve side and uses 50% less solvent during the coating process because of its special adhesive formulation, said Lohmann.

The tape combines the viscoelastic properties of polymer foam with a specially created solvent-free pure acrylic adhesive to create a quick mounting and demounting product.

The composite structure, which has been proven in the industry, guarantees excellent print quality and guards against edge lifting and plate damage during demounting.

Key considerations in the development of GRIP tapes include no edge lifting during the running process, machine downtime for makeready, and generally high material consumption.

Lohmann Market Management Graphics Head Peter Nissing said: “The solvent-free adhesive and 100% recyclable packaging are part of our corporate strategy for sustainability.

“The increased reusability of the adhesive tape is an important argument in the discussion about resource conservation and responsible use of raw materials.

“The improved GRIP adhesive package is also characterized by its low sensitivity to temperature and humidity fluctuations.”

The launch come at a time when sustainability is a key topic gaining momentum across all business units and industries.

There is an increased demand from regulatory organizations to adopt measures to reduce environmental footprints and consumers are more conscious and making purchase decisions based on environmental factors.

Flexographic printing, compared to traditional gravure printing, is a key ally to brand owners since there’s lower non-renewable energy use, less greenhouse gas emissions, and flexibility to print on multiple substrates.

Within the flexographic printing process, it is more than the process that provides environmental benefits, the type of adhesive tapes can move the needle as well.

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