ITALY – Packaging machine maker Marchesini Group has completed the acquisition of Italy-based software company SEA Vision Group after acquiring a 48% stake in the business in 2018.

Founded in Pavia, SEA Vision Group is engaged in the development of traceability, data collection and inspection systems in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics packaging sector.

With the acquisition, Marchesini Group has completed one of the largest market initiatives in almost fifty-year of its existence.

Marchesini Group CEO Pietro Cassani said: “We have been engaging with Industry 4.0 issues for over 20 years, since well before they became a hot topic.

“SEA Vision Group’s entry into the Marchesini Group will enable us to create packaging lines that are even more integrated with vision and inspection systems, to guarantee our customers’ ever-improving performances and a high degree of personalization.”

Following the acquisition, Michele Cei, the co-founder of the Pavia-based business, will continue in his position as CEO, while Pietro Cassani, chief executive officer of Marchesini Group, will assume the position of Chairman of the Board of SEA Vision Group.

Due to a strategic decision made by Marchesini Group and in accordance with its standard operating procedure, the new corporate structure will not obstruct SEA Vision Group’s development plans, which aim for a 2022 revenue of more than €50 million.

SEA Vision Group CEO Michele Cei said: “After years of strategic partnership, today we are completing our entry into the Marchesini Group: this operation will ensure SEA Vision Group the best conditions for growth on the international markets, and further boost our already strong development ambitions.

“All the projects on which we are hard at work to launch new products with AI techniques, such as Line Clearance, or in the areas of Vision and Traceability, will continue with even greater drive. We will also retain our commercial independence – in other words, our identity.”

Marchesini Group launches Compact 24 for the pharmaceutical industry

Meanwhile, the machine maker has also announced that it will be exhibiting Compact 24, a monobloc machine for filling and capping tablets, capsules or pill bottles, produced by the Tonazzi-Vasquali Division.

This solution covers multiple operations with a single machine and ensures extremely high levels of efficiency in the crucial counting and capping phases.

The monobloc is equipped with an innovative transport system employing magnets, which overcomes the limits generally associated with standard transport systems, with completely independent handling of every single bottle.

The machine is designed to accommodate all the main capping systems (screw, press-on, crimp) and offers the widest possible range of applications to guarantee total control of the product to be packaged (checking, shape, size and color of tablets and filled bottle weight.).

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