CHINA – Finnish company Valmet has received a new order from Shanxi Qiangwei Paper Co., Ltd. to supply machine vision systems for Qiangwei’s paper machine PM 6.

The scope of supply includes a Valmet IQ Web Inspection System, a Valmet IQ Web Monitoring System and winder control with target-stop functionality.

The investment aims to improve the operating efficiency and optimize the final paper quality of the PM 6.

The delivery will take place in Q1 2024. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

Valmet IQ Web Inspection System (WIS) delivery includes ultra-high resolution 8K dual-line Time Delay Integration (TDI) cameras with advanced image processing and synchronized high-power stroboscopic LED lighting. Real-time and history defect maps with defect details and trends are available on operator stations.

The winder part of the delivery includes defect map synchronization on the winder, enabling operators to slow down or stop the winder at defined defects automatically.

Valmet IQ Web Monitoring System improves the runnability and produces quick root cause analyses of web breaks.

Shanxi Qiangwei Paper is a large-scale private enterprise located in the Shouyang Industry District of Jinzhong.

It mainly produces high-level gypsum board paper and packing paper, covering an area of 1,300 acres. The designed annual production capacity is 1,400,000 tonnes.

In June last year, Shanxi Qiangwei Paper successfully installed the XcelLine PM 6 supplied by Voith.

The machine has a wire width of 7m, a design speed of 1,200 m/min and produces plasterboard liner and containerboard with a basis weight of 90 to 160 gsm.

An annual production of over 300,000 tonnes is possible. Voith’s latest solutions enable highly efficient, resource-saving and sustainable production.

Thanks to the joint efforts and cooperation of the Voith and Shanxi Qiangwei Paper teams, a fast installation and start-up of the entire line was achieved.

The PM 6 has a high degree of automation, and the paper features a low tensile ratio, excellent surface quality and uniformity, as well as high breaking and folding strength.

The dryness after press is also very high, which leads to low specific steam consumption. The first paper web has thus fully achieved the customer´s expected quality level.

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