UK – Global leader in packaging and paper, Mondi has developed a range of fit-for-purpose packaging solutions, Grow&Go, to transport fresh produce from farm-to-shelf-to-home safely and efficiently.

Grow&Go is a suite of packaging products optimized for farm-to-shelf delivery in a market-leading range of sizes, from attractive consumer-friendly trays and carry-packs to pallet-ready bulk shipping boxes.

Mondi said that the Grow&Go line of products offers logistic benefits, beginning with the shipping space savings provided by palletized flat corrugated packaging.

All packaging alternatives are properly stackable and sturdy enough to prevent damage and waste during construction and filling.

The firm said that the entire Grow&Go portfolio is made of paper and complies with food contact standards.

Mondi Corrugated Solutions product innovation manager Jan Blankiewicz said: “Steep demand increases are on the horizon for small portion packaging. Small portion packs offer many benefits to the end consumer, such as providing the product to be taken directly from the shelf in its packaging without the fresh produce being touched.

“They also make the shopping experience more convenient – no more fussing with scales or sachets – and they protect fragile items like tomatoes for the trip home.”

One of several Grow&Go solutions is CoralTray, which provides hassle-free handling, protection, ventilation, and visibility for up to a pound of fruit.

Mondi Corrugated Solutions sales & marketing director Tarik Aniba said: “The latest trends, as well as legislation, have propelled the move away from plastic packaging for fresh produce.

“It is also more appealing for customers to receive their produce in sustainable, fully recyclable packaging, made only of paper, starch and glue.”

Retort pouches demonstrate effective sorting in recycling process

Meanwhile, Mondi’s retort pouches have demonstrated effective sorting in recycling process in a series of tests conducted by the company.

The packaging firm implemented these tests in collaboration with the National Test Centre Circular Plastics (NTCP) in the Netherlands.

Both parties stimulated realistic packaging waste management conditions to determine the sortability of Mondi’s recyclable mono PP packaging.

The tests were conducted leveraging advanced technical setups on the prefabricated retort and standard pouches, spouted pouches, top web, and thermoformed semi-rigid tray material.

These were made from mono PP-material and used for applications that require high barrier protection, such as wet pet food or processed meat.

Mondi’s top web and thermoformed semi-rigid trays were successfully sorted into the right recycling stream by simulating real-world settings in the tests.

Pre-made pouches from Mondi were also correctly identified, setting the bar for sorting streams that must yet be created across Europe and supplying high-quality materials for plastic recycling procedures.

The tests are part of Mondi’s MAP2030 sustainability goals to create circularly driven solutions with new paper and packaging solutions, maintain resources in use and reduce waste.

By 2025, the firm intends to eliminate all non-recyclable packaging and create uniform designs that adhere to circular economy or recycling standards.

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