US – Canadian beverage can company, Wildpack Beverage has entered a long-term purchase and supply agreement with Ball Corporation for sustainable aluminium beverage packaging.

Based in Vancouver, Wildpack provides sustainable aluminium can filling, decorating, packaging, brokering, sleeve and label printing services and logistics for brands across the US.

The supply agreement improves the network strategy benefits of Wildpack to ease the burden of freight expenses on the manufacture of aluminium beverages for its clients.

Ball maintains a huge network of production facilities that will operate well with Wildpack’s six current locations across the country, said Wildpack.

Through the agreement, Wildpack is able to expand its printed can and warehousing services not only in the Grand Rapids facility but also at the remaining five locations and any upcoming Wildpack locations in the US.

Wildpack Chief Growth Officer, Thomas Walker said: “Wildpack is delivering on our commitment to ensure our customers have ongoing access to sustainable beverage packaging in the U.S.

“Our partnership with Ball will allow us to provide our customers with high-quality aluminium packaging, at competitive prices.

“This is just one more example of how we continually seek to enhance our customer experience and enable our customers to scale without interruption.”

The agreement follows Balls’ announcement to close its facility in St. Paul’s West Side citing inflation-related expenses and reduced customer demand.

In a written release, Ball officials said manufacturing costs have gone up, and retailers passing on inflationary expenses to customers had resulted in “the deceleration in customer demand late in the second quarter.”

As a result, the company has decided to delay construction of a new beverage can manufacturing facility in North Las Vegas, Nev., and stop production at its Phoenix and St. Paul locations “to address localized supply/demand imbalances.”

This has not however stopped the company from expanding its physical footprint in some markets.

Ball announced that the planned construction of new beverage can manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic and Peru remain on track.

The UK facility is expected to become the country’s ‘largest-ever’ beverage packaging plant once completed.

The plant will cover 56,000 square metres and will produce approximately 1 billion fully recyclable cans in its first year, generating 200 local jobs.

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