QATAR – Baladna, a Qatar-based dairy and beverage producer, has opted for Swiss packaging solutions provider SIG’s filling technology to pack its white cheese.

The CFA 312 filling machine will allow Baladna to offer white cheese in SIG’s combibloc Slimline carton packs.

This filling machine can fill a total of four different volume sizes, and Baladna benefits from its flexibility to also fill juice and dairy products in 1,000 ml carton packs, in addition to the white cheese in 500 ml carton packs.

SIG Middle East and Africa president and general manager Abdelghany Eladib said: “Locally produced white cheese in carton packs is a first for the Qatari market.

“Previously, white cheese was imported from neighboring countries and mainly available here in plastic packaging. We are very proud to continue our partnership with Baladna with this exciting innovation.”

According to SIG, Baladna’s mobile unit is compatible with SIG’s CFA 312 filling machine and is integrated externally with the machine. This enables the CFA 312’s filling unit to fill other dairy products and juices aseptically.

Cheese is initially filled into the carton pack in liquid form with the other required ingredients, before coagulating inside the pack.

Baladna CEO Malcolm Jordan added: “Our investment in innovation and close partnership with SIG continues to deliver excellent value for our consumers.

“We’re proud to offer locally produced white cheese in carton packs to the Qatari market, locally filled for the first time.

“Offering white cheese in aseptic carton packs means differentiation and is another example of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, as carton packs are a more sustainable choice.”

Based in Al Khor, Baladna Farm spans across an expansive 2.6 million sqm. of land and houses over 24,000 Holstein Cows.

The farm is open to the public and features the region’s most advanced rotary milking parlor, a restaurant, a carefully-manicured garden, a children’s play area, and a petting zoo.

Meanwhile, Baladna joins South African dairy product manufacturer Fair Cape Dairies in adopting SIG’s filling machine to its operations.

Last week, Fair Cape Dairies installed CFA 812 filling machine to expand its flexibility with regard to packaging formats and volumes.

The CFA 812 filling machine allows Fair Cape Dairies to offer its products in South Africa using SIG‘s combistyle carton packs.

Fair Cape Diaries expanded its partnership with SIG in response to the growing demand for UHT milk in carton packs.

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