TURKEY – Depart, Alapala Holding’s group company for milling spare part sales and after-sales services has signed an agreement with ISG Pack to now offer wrapping machines, shrink wrap machines and vacuum machines.

As part of the agreement with ISG, Depart will manage the sales and marketing of ISG Pack in many countries around the world.

With its worldwide distribution network, after-sales services and high customer satisfaction, Depart is rapidly advancing in the packaging field.

Following modern packaging technologies closely, Depart said it supports its customers with the same precision as in the milling field.

With the assurance of Depart, the sales team provides customers with reliable, customizable systems from A to Z according to their needs.

The partnership comes at a time when the scale of demand for shrink-wrapping equipment globally is predicted to reach over US$1,000 million (£730 million) by 2025 according to research by Reportbuyer.com.

The growth of the global shrink-wrapping machines market is driven by a rise in the use of shrink wrap in personal products such as perfume, shampoos, luxury items, and others.

In addition, the increase in shrink-wrapping machines due to their increasing use to wrap many types of packaging such as cartons, boxes, beverage cans, and pallet loads is further expected to boost the demand for shrink-wrapping machines across the world.

Growth in the retail items market along with an increase in online sales market is anticipated to provide potential growth opportunities for the key players operating in the market.

However, government regulation to limit the use of plastic films and restriction on packaging quantity and size is expected to restrain the growth of the global shrink-wrapping machines market.

Moreover, the rise in e-commerce industries is expected to offer lucrative growth opportunities for the shrink-wrapping machine industries in the near future.

Compared to cardboard and plastic, shrink wrap is very space-efficient, taking up no more room in storage, transport or on the shelf than the products themselves.

It is also lighter, so it is easier and less costly to handle and transport. It is suitable for products or groups of products of all kinds, shapes and sizes. It is often used for groups of bottles or cans, or to combine products in a multipack.

In addition, shrink wrap is often used for transit wrapping and protective packaging for larger items, such as doors or even bricks on a pallet. It is also used to wrap and protect scaffolding, roofs, cars, vans, boats and loaded pallets.

In May, Depart inked a similar deal with HBTS Packaging to expand its solutions to include vertical packaging.

Under the agreement, Depart will manage the sales and marketing of HBTS’s vertical packaging machines in all of Africa, the Far East, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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