AUSTRIA – Manufacturer of plastics recycling solutions, Erema Group and Lindner Holding have jointly founded BLUEONE Solutions to combine their expertise to create industrial standards for plastics recycling.

The two companies explain that current plastics recycling processes consist of several steps, including sorting, shredding, washing, drying to extrusion, filtration, compounding, and odour optimization.

With recyclers now aiming to achieve high recyclate qualities and energy efficiency, Erema and Lindner hope to fine-tune these individual processes.

Erema will contribute its knowledge of extruding and filtering, while Lindner will bring its experience in processing waste streams and washing to the table.

It is anticipated that this exchange of knowledge will optimize the recycling process as a whole, drive progress in the field of plastics recycling, and enable synergies to be exploited.

BLUESTONE Solutions will be owned in a 50:50 share by the Erema Group and Lindner Holding, with shares of Lindner Washtech also contributing.

It is hoped that the collaboration will increase the added value, adjust and optimize processes, and enable the companies to conduct joint research projects.

Michael Lackner, managing director of Lindner, said: “As the respective industry leaders, we recognized the need for process optimization some time ago.

“Only when waste streams are optimally used, can the required quantities of regranulate be made available and only if the processes between the individual recycling steps are perfectly adjusted, can an increase in efficiency and quality optimization be achieved.”

Founding BLUEONE Solutions puts the focus on the further development of plastics recycling. Lindner contributes its experience in processing waste streams and its expertise in washing, and Erema its know-how in extruding and filtering.

In the future, the exchange of knowledge and new research projects will not only enable synergies to be exploited but above all, it will optimize the overall cycle.

“A functioning recycling industry demands a focus on the entire process and value chain from waste collection and processing to recycling and the final plastic product,” added Manfred Hackl, CEO of the EREMA Group.

“Thanks to this merger, Erema and Lindner will create a better overall understanding to jointly shape the necessary further development, especially in the polyolefins sector,’ explains.”

Meanwhile, in June, Erema unveiled INTAREMA FibrePro:IV, its new fiber-to-fiber recycling solution for PET that claims to process shredded fiber contaminated by spinning oils back into filament fiber, carpet yarn, and stable fiber.

EREMA’s INTAREMA technology has been combined with a new IV optimizer in a new system said to generate fresh rPET fibers from waste.

According to EREMA, a longer residence time for the PET melt allows the spinning oil and other additives to be removed efficiently, creating high-quality recycled pellets.

Once it has been extruded, the PET melt’s intrinsic viscosity is increased through polycondensation under high vacuum, with the IV optimizer ensuring that it reaches the precise level necessary for fiber production.

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