FINLAND – Finnish material innovation startup Sulapac has partnered with German makeup supplier, Schwan Cosmetics to create lip liner and eyeliner pencils with sustainable barrel material, capable of sustaining the volatile makeup product held within the material.

The pencils were developed in response to market research on the changing demands of Gen Z and Millennial cosmetic consumers, who “desired to care for and connect with nature.”

The two companies created lip liner and eyeliner pencils with environmentally sustainable barrel materials that can withstand the volatile makeup product held within the material.

The beauty line “TheBetterBarrel” is pegged as satisfying consumer desire for green cosmetics without compromising on its performance, quality or style.

“This is a breakthrough for us because we were able to invent a better material to encase our pencils. This replaces virgin plastic with a material that leaves no permanent microplastics,” says Dr. Alexander Doll, Head of R&D at Schwan Cosmetics.

“We don’t have to compromise on the quality or performance of our long-lasting pigment shades. This line is suited to come in an endless variety of textures and colors, and the barrel material has to be top-notch to preserve their integrity.”

The material used to make the pencil barrel, Sulapac Flow v1.8, was created using plant-based binders and sawdust from industrial side streams.

“Our collaboration with Sulapac is a suitable match because they embody the values of preserving nature without sacrificing performance and flexibility in design,” added Doll.

As a result of the collaboration, long-lasting, high-performance lip liners and eyeliners wrapped in innovative pencil barrels are now available to consumers.

The ecological barrel was created due to the collaboration of Sulapac and Schwan Cosmetics. The companies note the lipliner glides on smoothly, is lightweight, transfer-proof and lasts up to 13 hours.

Both Schwan and Sulapac prioritize sustainability in their core values. Schwan has set lofty targets such as net zero carbon emissions by 2040 and a product line that contains 50% less virgin fossil plastic in primary packaging and 75% natural origin products by 2025.

The environmentally friendly and airtight packaging for sensitive ingredients is made with 72% bio-based material, side-stream wood chips and natural binders.

While environmentally sustainable materials have been used in beauty packaging recently, Sulapac’s plastic alternative is used in color cosmetic pencils for the first time.

Sulapac also collaborated with Quadpack to create a 30 ml biodegradable container for deodorant cream made by the cosmetics firm i+m.

The packaging provider partnered with Above & Beyond, a lip balm brand, to provide the brand with wood-based packaging.

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