US – US-based plastic packaging maker Berry Global has developed a new refillable and airtight wet wipes container for French chemical and analytical consultancy Hitam.

The new product offers valuable sustainability benefits through its re-usability and mono-material construction in a practical 5.3l container.

Berry says that the wet wipe container is durable and reusable, with an easy refill option once the reel of 1,000 wipes is finished.

Each Paintainer pail reportedly also provides space for more wipes than the former pack, meaning the ratio between the plastic packaging and the wipes has changed to allow for extra wipes while reducing the plastic content of the container.

Family-owned Hitam intends to offer disinfectant wet wipes in a 5.3l container, which is a customized modification of Paintainer pail.

Hitam CEO Vincent Seita said: “We discovered that the wet wipes container from Berry is outstanding. When the cap in the lid is sealed, the wet wipes are actually in an airtight container.

“This prevents evaporation in a way which surpasses our expectations and means that the wet wipes stay moist, fresh and useful for longer than in the packaging we previously used.”

Seita added that more people find clever packaging choices important, and so does Hitam.

“The wet wipes container is perfect for the circular economy as it is made solely of polypropylene: the lid, the fitted resealable cap and the container base,” he explained.

“This means it is mono-material, making it ideal for recycling, and recyclability has our support.”

The wet wipes are being sold through distributors to hotels, bakeries, restaurants, and other establishments in France and other European nations.

Earlier this month, Berry helped McCormick to introduce a 100% recycled plastic food color bottle.

The collaboration leverages Berry’s expertise and access to mechanically recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET).

The new McCormick Assorted and Neon Food Color bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and will has been appearing on shelves across North America from the start of this month.

Other PP solutions from Berry Superfos include its mono-material vending machine cups for both hot and cold beverages, and its solution incorporating 25% rPP into the Spanish food producer Choví Group’s garlic mayonnaise brand pot.

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