UK – British packaging firm DS Smith has partnered with Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells (BeFC), a company at the forefront of developing fully recyclable smart tags, aiming to accelerate the development of smart packaging solutions.

This collaboration is a key component of DS Smith’s £100 million (US$125.18m) investment in research and development (R&D) and innovation, announced in 2021.

The investment underscores DS Smith’s commitment to advancing the circular economy and producing packaging with reduced environmental impact.

Magnus Renman, Group R&D Director at DS Smith, emphasized the potential of combining corrugated packaging with smart technology to significantly reduce waste across the supply chain.

He highlighted the importance of innovative, circular solutions in addressing inefficiencies, costs, and carbon emissions, with BeFC’s transformative technology poised to revolutionize waste management in various industries.

The partnership between DS Smith and BeFC will explore innovative packaging solutions crafted from recyclable paper.

The goal is to maintain product quality and enhance supply chain efficiency during distribution and transportation.

Efforts will include investigating real-time tracking and monitoring of products through embedded sensing platforms and data protocols.

The study aims to reduce waste by providing accurate information on product freshness and expiration dates, potentially extending shelf life and mitigating wastage.

Moreover, the collaboration will delve into load optimization to reduce carbon footprints and operational costs in shipping, demonstrating a multifaceted approach to sustainability and efficiency improvement.

Jules Hammond, CEO and co-founder of BeFC, hailed the partnership as a strategic alliance pooling expertise and resources to address inefficiencies, reduce waste, and cut carbon emissions in supply chains.

He emphasized the importance of ensuring compatibility with relevant recycling streams, aligning with the circular economy principles driving both companies.

In another sustainability-focused initiative, DS Smith recently partnered with Jonsac, a Swedish manufacturer of sustainable e-commerce bags.

This collaboration aims to accelerate the transition from plastic packaging to sustainable paper alternatives in the European e-commerce market.

Building upon their existing relationship, the partnership will expand the availability of Jonsac’s 100% recyclable, FSC-certified paper bags across all DS Smith markets in Europe, meeting the growing demand for eco-friendly e-commerce packaging solutions.

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