US – US-based innovative print solutions company, SunDance has launched its new super-green paper pouch packaging that is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

The 100% recyclable paper pouch combines superior fiber strength with a super-green profile and consumer-friendly features.

The paper pouch has the option to add fiber or paper mesh windows to the front, back, or sides of the paper pouch to offer views of the product inside.

According to the firm, the windows can also offer ventilation for products requiring it, such as certain grocery produce.

The seams of the paper pouch are secured with a unique heat-sealable adhesive that is also recyclable and compostable.

The new 100% compostable paper pouch offers a strong, super-green alternative to minimise the use of plastics, cellophanes, and other damaging packaging materials

It can also be digitally printed to enable vibrant colors, multiple SKUs, short production runs, and printing customization on the fly.

The company received a Certificate of Conformity earlier this year for its innovative Poison Prevention Packaging Act-compliant child-resistant packaging.

SunDance President JohnHenry Ruggieri said: “SunDance has a long-standing commitment to producing printing and packaging in a sustainable manner.

“We are excited to add this newest, highly sustainable option to our award-winning flexible packaging line.

“Introduction of our newest eco-friendly packaging provides SunDance clients with an unrivaled variety of flexible packaging choices.”

The firm’s portfolio of flexible packaging includes envelopes, stand-up pouches, and other flexible formats for a variety of benefits to manufacturers, consumer goods packagers, product managers, product marketers, and end-users.

The firm’s introduction of the recyclable paper pouch comes at a time when many flexible packaging companies are shifting to organic raw materials in manufacturing packages since they require less energy during recycling compared to plastics.

Besides energy saving, paper packages are made from biodegradable materials meaning if they find their way into waterways or landfills they won’t take long before breaking down.

In light of this, the company has been working with partners to drive sustainability in flexible packaging.

In June this year, the firm announced the acquisition of the Hudson-Sharp Ares 400-SUP machine to scale stand-up pouch production.

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