UK – London-based recycling tech company Recycleye has transformed the waste management sector with its AI-powered approach to sorting recyclable materials.

The company uses proprietary AI vision technology in conjunction with FANUC 6-axis LR Mate robots to automate the detection and sorting of dry mixed recyclables.

This system, known as Recycleye Robotics, has shown impressive results, increasing sorting accuracy by up to 12% and improving line output by up to 10%.

Since its founding in 2020, Recycleye has experienced rapid growth. It currently employs over 45 people and has installations across the UK and Europe.

The support and partnership of FANUC UK have played a crucial role in the company’s success. Recycleye recently announced a US$17 million Series A financing round led by deep-tech venture capital firm DCVC.

Recycleye Robotics uses AI-powered computer vision to identify items in complex waste streams, and the FANUC LR Mate robot automatically separates the recyclables into different material classes.

This solution, which can operate 24/7 and pick up to 33,000 items per robot over a 10-hour shift, is the most accurate and efficient AI robotic picking solution available today.

The compact and efficient nature of the FANUC LR Mate robot makes it an ideal choice for Recycleye Robotics.

Its ability to be retrofitted into existing lines at a reasonable price point is a significant advantage. The robot’s energy efficiency, reliability, and advanced sensors further contribute to its appeal.

In addition to improving sorting accuracy and line output, Recycleye Robotics addresses the ongoing labor shortages in the waste management industry.

The robot can work alongside human employees, pick as accurately as a human, and handle hazardous materials typically found in sorting facilities.

By ensuring higher purity in the sorted materials, Recycleye Robotics offers a competitive edge for materials recycling facilities (MRFs). The system’s transparent traceability function enables easy demonstration of pick levels and batch purity.

FANUC UK has been a strategic partner for Recycleye since the beginning, and the two companies have a strong partnership. The success of Recycleye Robotics is just the start, with plans for continued growth and expansion.

Meanwhile, Greyparrot’s AI-powered waste recognition system – which collects and provides data to waste managers, producers, and regulators in an effort to advance sorting, recycling rates, and accountability across the waste value chain – has been named as the latest winner of Amcor’s Lift-Off program and a subsequent US$500,000 investment.

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