SOUTH AFRICA – Multinational retail company, Woolworths and WWF South Africa have reaffirmed their commitment to environmental stewardship by renewing their 15-year partnership.

The collaboration, which began in 2007, reflects both organizations’ dedication to creating a sustainable future and making a positive impact on the planet.

“Fifteen years ago, we became the first retailer to align forces with WWF in South Africa. This landmark collaboration aimed to pioneer a better way of doing things,” Roy Bagattini, Group CEO of Woolworths Holdings Limited, said.

“For us, the ambition is not only to change and improve how we do things but also how our broader industry operates into the future.”

Woolworths, known for its “Good Business Journey” (GBJ) initiative, has long been committed to responsible retail practices.

Beyond profit, the company places a deep emphasis on improving the lives of employees, their families, business partners, communities, and the environment.

With a history spanning 92 years, Woolworths has consistently sought innovative ways to make a meaningful difference, and its enduring partnership with WWF South Africa is a testament to this commitment.

Over the years, Woolworths and WWF South Africa have spearheaded advancements in sustainable farming, seafood sourcing, water stewardship, alien plant clearing, on-pack recycling labeling, and various other initiatives, leaving a lasting impact on responsible business practices.

“Modifying supply chains and business practices is essential to reverse the decline of nature, mitigating significant business risks while also creating new opportunities,” Dr. Morné du Plessis, CEO of WWF South Africa noted.

“Leading businesses like Woolworths are already taking steps to become ‘nature positive,’ contributing to the overall improvement of the sector and the protection of nature.”

The partnership has harnessed WWF’s technical expertise in various critical areas, from water risk management to product lifecycle assessments and smallholder cotton farming projects, all essential components of sustainability.

Looking ahead, Woolworths and WWF South Africa remain committed to their shared vision of sustainable retail. Their focus on long-term impact drives them to build on their solid foundation of collaboration, furthering their contributions to a greener, more sustainable future.

The success of this partnership is owed to the unwavering dedication of both Woolworths and WWF South Africa.

Together, they have integrated sustainability into every facet of Woolworths’ operations, playing a tangible role in the global pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future.

“We are excited to embark on the next phase of this extraordinary partnership and are intent on building on this foundation to do even more together,” Roy Bagattini concluded.

“For us, sustainability is more than minimizing and mitigating the negative impacts we collectively have, but critically, it’s about actively giving back more than we take. It is one of the greatest responsibilities of our time.”

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