US – Israel-based Green-tech start-up Melodea, Ltd., producer of sustainable barrier coatings for packaging, announces plans to expand its eco-friendly solution to the U.S. market.

The move is set to support the increased production capacity of its novel, plastic-free, plant-based barrier coatings to serve the burgeoning US and South American markets.

Melodea creates barrier coating material using wood pulp, a sidestream of the paper-making industry.

Its advanced sustainable solution is said to assist producers of food, beverages, and consumer goods to reduce their dependence on plastic.

The firm has developed a special formulation using cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) that can endure high humidity levels and shield packaged goods from oxygen, water, oil, and grease.

It is said to be an alternative to plastic and aluminum for maintaining the quality and integrity of packaged foods.

As a forestry by-product, the sturdy but lightweight plant material is also completely recyclable, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

The material is currently employed in the production of paper-based pouches, lids, molded pulp trays, and other products, Melodea said.

Melodea CEO and co-founder Shaul Lapidot said: “CNC from naturally abundant and renewable cellulose is emerging as one of the most promising green solutions to help replace environmentally harmful materials.

“The new plant, combined with our newly established ties in the U.S., can potentially triple our manufacturing capacity to meet amplified demands.”

The Israeli company will operate a toll manufacturing facility in the US, enabling more affordable production, shipping, and simpler logistics for its two flagship products, MelOx and VBcoat.

MelOx shields packaged goods from oxygen, oil, and grease transmission, and VBcoat prevents the transmission of water, oil, and grease.

The packaging firm said all of its barrier coatings follow the FDA guidelines for food packaging.

Recently, the firm also signed a new business agreement with a major provider of plant-based fiber solutions to get rid of single-use plastics.

The company will create and sell a range of packaging products that have been treated with Melodea’s VBcoat moisture barrier.

Within the next three to six months, Melodea anticipates beginning local shipping from its US location as it begins producing its innovative barrier coatings with a local US partner.

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