ITALY – Paper and packaging company Mondi has launched fully recyclable paper packaging for Italian pasta brand Antico Pastificio Umbro in collaboration with Fiorini International.

Following a complete overhaul of its packaging design, Antico Pastificio Umbro reached out to Mondi and Fiorini International to design and produce a paper bag with a viewing window for its premium pasta ranges.

After the complete rollout, it will support one of the company’s sustainability goals by saving up to 20 tons of plastic per year.

The new paper bag design with a large window made of transparent, recyclable and biodegradable cellulose allows the end user to see the contents.

The bag is entirely recyclable while offering the same protective properties as the previous plastic packaging.

The pasta has the same shelf life and is kept safe during transport. A new closure system sealed with a particular food contact hot-melt glue, together with a reinforced patch on the bottom, improves hygiene and ensures easy opening.

Made from renewable resources, the packaging can be easily disposed of by consumers in existing paper waste streams and with paper recycling rates in Europe, it can contribute to a circular economy.

The packaging was included in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Upstream Innovation Guide to Packaging Solutions, published in November 2021.

It was also part of The Waste Age Exhibition, hosted by the London Design Museum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, open to the public between October 2021 and February 2022.

“We used our customer-centric EcoSolutions approach to develop this recyclable packaging and worked very closely with Fiorini International and Antico Pastificio Umbro,” commented Massimiliano Scottà, Head of Sales Region, South and America Kraft Paper at Mondi.

“This is a great example of best practice in creating packaging that keeps materials in circulation and contributes to Mondi’s MAP2030 sustainability target to make 100 percent of its products reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025.”

According to Pietro Fiorini, Sales Director for packaging at Fiorini International: “We designed, together with Mondi, the best-performing paper solution for the pasta bag. We are proud to be part of a sustainable mission and we know that this requires a systematic and cooperative approach among stakeholders in the supply chains, from producer to consumer.

“The partnership with Pastificio Umbro is a successful pilot project where Fiorini International’s experience, research, innovation and technology have defined a sustainable production model perfectly integrated within a brand strategy and a common mission.”

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