UK – English brand Au Vodka has adopted Adagh’s gold color metal can for its award-winning Blue Raspberry vodka.

The Blue Raspberry vodka is pre-mixed with quality sparkling soda to create a sweet and “electric blue” 5% ABV beverage – the company’s first Ready To Drink (RTD) beverage in a can.

Au Vodka’s upscale branding is based on the rare element and its ‘associated qualities of power and perfection,’ symbolizing the five-times-distilled British vodka at the heart of the company’s drinks.

The 330 ml slim can features simple, minimal text against the abundant gold, with the classic periodic table “Au” square, complete with its atomic number, in “sizzling blue.”

Ethan Cooze, Project Manager at Au Vodka said: “We worked closely with Ardagh’s graphics department to create the concept, followed by a site visit to finalize the finer details.

“After approving the sample, we had an insightful tour behind the scenes to see how the cans are manufactured. I look forward to working with Ardagh further as we make our next moves in the exciting RTD market.”

The new can has been released to the market in time for summer parties. With their convenience, lightness, ease of recycling and quick chilling properties, canned RTDs are an increasingly popular choice for outdoor consumption, notes Ardagh.

According to a survey done by Innova Market Insights, metal is the third most popular beverage packaging material for UK consumers (9%), behind glass (47%) and plastic (12%).

The Blue Raspberry can is designed to appeal not only to 18-35-year-olds who enjoy casual drinking events with friends but also to a wider range of consumers “flexing their glamorous side at festivals and parties.”

Dirk Schwung, Sales Director at Ardagh Metal Packaging – Europe says: “This is an incredibly eye-catching pack, with a brilliantly bold selection from our range of Coloured Shells and Tabs that shows off the product to the maximum.

“We’re really pleased to have helped Au Vodka showcase their new drink so fittingly as they expand into sustainable metal beverage cans.”

The Blue Raspberry cans are available now from Au Vodka’s e-commerce site and across the UK wholesale and convenience sector.

A study conducted by Life Cycle Assessment shows that aluminum beverage cans have recorded significant reductions in CO2-equivalent emissions.

The study covered the life cycle of aluminum beverage cans produced in Europe, from raw materials extraction to manufacturing, and end-of-life.

According to the study, carbon footprint has been reduced by 31% on average for the three volumes, confirming the industry’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and decouple production growth from its environmental footprint.

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