SWITZERLAND – Nescafé, a leading coffee brand, has launched a significant rebranding endeavor to revitalize its image in response to the evolving coffee landscape.

The overhaul encompasses iconic packaging designs across its product spectrum, including Nescafé Original, Nescafé Gold Blend, Nescafé Azera, and Nescafé Frothy Coffee, with the objective of distinguishing itself on shelves.

The visual aspect of the rebrand features a heightened Nescafé logo on all packages and the integration of coffee bean imagery, underscoring the brand’s dedication to coffee.

Moreover, each jar and package prominently displays the assertion “100% responsibly sourced coffee,” spotlighting Nescafé’s commitment to sustainability by utilizing meticulously chosen, responsibly cultivated coffee beans from diverse regions globally.

Sophie Demoulin, Nescafé’s Marketing Director at Nestlé, emphasized the importance of the rebrand, remarking, “We are delighted to embark on this significant rebranding of Nescafé and unveil its captivating new appearance.

“This relaunch signifies a noteworthy milestone for our brand as we persist in evolving and remaining at the forefront of the ever-changing coffee industry.”

The brand’s new tagline, “Make Your World,” mirrors Nescafé’s dedication to effecting positive change in people’s lives and the environment, from coffee farms to the cup.

Over the past decade, Nescafé has actively collaborated with global communities through the Nescafé Plan to enhance the sustainability of coffee farming methods.

The recently introduced Nescafé Plan 2030 delineates the brand’s vision to aid coffee farmers in transitioning to regenerative agriculture, thus enhancing livelihoods and fostering environmental advantages.

To bolster the rebranding endeavor, Nescafé intends to execute extensive marketing campaigns across various platforms, including TV, digital, and social media.

The brand seeks to resonate with coffee aficionados and maintain its emotional bond with consumers while accentuating its commitment to sustainability and a positive global influence.

Capri-Sun adopts ‘stronger’ paper straws in pursuit of recyclability

In a separate development, Capri-Sun is poised to unveil a lineup of FSC-certified paper straws, engineered to be ‘sturdier than ever,’ across its complete product portfolio in Q1 2024.

Crafted by Capri-Sun’s packaging specialists, these straws boast an impressive 36% increase in bending force resistance, an 18% enhancement in compression force endurance, and a notable 42% improvement in vertical compression resistance.

This initiative aligns with Capri-Sun’s commitment to achieving entirely recyclable packaging for its entire UK range, striving for a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

The upgraded paper straws follow the brand’s initial introduction in Spring 2021, representing a pivotal stride in its ongoing sustainability journey.

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