OMAN – Oman Air, in collaboration with Linstol, has redesigned the packaging for its Economy Class earphones, replacing single-use plastic PET foil with a recyclable Kraft paper envelope.

This initiative is part of the airline’s efforts to enhance onboard sustainability.

According to Oman Air’s press release, this change is expected to eliminate 6.48 tonnes of non-recyclable waste annually, save approximately 110 trees from deforestation, and conserve 207,360 liters of water.

Con Korfiatis, Oman Air’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed the airline’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

He stated, “We are delighted to introduce this latest initiative on board, which represents our ongoing commitment to our planet by reducing the environmental impact of air travel, while ensuring our guests enjoy a comfortable and convenient experience that aligns with their values.”

“We believe that small changes make a big impact, and we continue to look for innovative solutions in all corners of our operations while promoting and advocating for initiatives that support both the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Oman’s national objectives.”

Oman Air continues to increase its sustainability efforts by integrating eco-friendly materials and reducing waste, thereby supporting a circular economy.

Last year, the airline saved around 21.6 tonnes of plastic by replacing the wrapping for blankets and mattresses in its premium cabins with an eco-friendly paper-based alternative.

Captain Nasser bin Ahmed Salmi, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Oman Air, commented, “In a concerted effort guided by our in-house experts and bolstered by collaborations with partners and vendors, we have successfully achieved another milestone in our sustainability efforts.

“This pivotal step aligns seamlessly with our corporate strategy to reduce waste and choose more environmentally friendly products, reflecting our commitment to national sustainability goals.”

Over the past few years, Oman Air has made significant strides in reducing its onboard plastic consumption. This includes removing plastic sleeves for loading cutlery and reducing plastic water bottles and cup lids by up to 50% on certain routes.

The airline also replaced 80% of its in-flight service carts with lightweight alternatives, significantly boosting fuel efficiency.

Oman Air’s ongoing efforts to minimize its environmental impact are demonstrated through various initiatives that underscore its dedication to promoting sustainable aviation practices.

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