GERMANY – Sustainable packaging provider Sonoco has provided its paper-based packaging solution for some of the products offered by German health foods and well-being store vom Achterhof.

The new solution offered for vom Achterhof’s product line is more sustainable and comes with cork lids.

vom Achterhof says it opted for Sonoco’s paper-based solution mainly due to the packaging’s contemporary design, environmentally friendly nature, shelf appeal, and its capability to keep the freshness of the products intact. 

Sonoco highlighted that its packaging also allows companies or brand owners to offer different product sizes and prices to their customers.

vom Achterhof is a part of the Vitafy Brands Group and further anticipates that its latest effort to switch to a more sustainable packaging alternative will be noticed by its customers and is likely to create a positive response.

Brand manager for Vitafy Brands and vom Achterhof Laif Pigorsch said: “We recognize that our customers expect us to make sustainable choices and operate in a more environmentally friendly manner. This goes all the way across the value chain – from product to packaging.

“Nature is a part of our brand DNA. Sonoco’s packaging enables us to keep our distinctive brand while continuing to offer sustainable product lines.

“Sonoco has been excellent at driving forward our packaging optimization process. The company is reliable, efficient and an expert in the field.”

Sonoco sales manager Sascha Di Nardi added: “We are delighted to partner with Vom Achterhof to offer the unique packaging that meets their sustainability needs and fits their brand ID.”

Vom Achterhof has calculated that it distributes up to 1,500 packages to its customers every day. As such, the new packaging is hoped to have a positive impact on waste reduction efforts.

Sonoco equips Respectueuse with its rigid paper packaging

In another development, Sonoco recently provided its rigid paper EnviroStick packaging –fully recyclable and made from recycled cardboard – to cosmetics company Respectueuse for one of its product lines.

Respectueuse says that it has two brand pillars: ‘my health’ focuses on its apparently 100% natural, certified and organic products and ‘my planet’, aims to limit plastic waste with cardboard packaging for its products.

The brand states the implementation of this packaging fits with these pillars but will also facilitate and drive-up recycling rates for cosmetics consumers in the French market.

Myriam Reynaud-Cleyet, founder of the Respectueuse brand, said: “Sonoco is one of very few companies manufacturing 3-piece cardboard push up packaging in Europe, most similar packaging types are manufactured in Asia.

“Sonoco’s European presence has helped us to make our packaging more sustainable, while also reducing steps in the supply chain and our brand’s carbon footprint.”

As a partner of the NGO Expedition 7th Continent, which has been campaigning against plastic pollution for more than 10 years, Respectueuse says that it is committed to limiting the use of plastic in its packaging.

Reynaud-Cleyet added that going forward, Respectueuse is considering using EnviroStick packaging for sunscreen and other cosmetic and beauty products.

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