ISRAEL – Israeli cleantech company created to convert unsorted household waste into a thermoplastic composite, UBQ Materials, has announced that it has achieved UL 2809 certification for its UBQ Powder.

UL Solutions is a global safety science leader that holds companies accountable for environmental sustainability claims through independent scientific assessments.

The UL 2809 certification confirms that UBQ Powder is composed entirely of post-consumer recycled content.

To obtain this UL Environmental Claim Validation, which is issued by the US certification agency UL, applicants first must pass UL’s strict production process and recycled material control review.

UL holds companies accountable for sustainability claims through independent and objective assessment using its rigorous science-based approach.

UBQ Materials has developed technology that makes it possible to convert unsorted landfill-destined waste into a sustainable thermoplastic offering an alternative to conventional oil-based resins. It can be used on its own and as an additive.

Albert Douer, Chairman and Co-CEO of UBQ Materials said: “In light of regulations and taxations, global corporations are running against the clock to assess and implement solutions to fulfill ambitious ESG commitments. There is an urgent and growing demand for quality post-consumer recycled content materials that support these goals.

“Utilising unsorted household waste, an abundant and globally available resource, we have a scalable and cost-competitive material that we can confidently supply to the industry today.”

The cleantech company has also partnered with leading brands, including Mercedes-Benz, PepsiCo, and McDonald’s, to help reduce the carbon footprint of their end products, maximize recycled content and “preserve finite resources without compromising on profitability.”

Albert Douer emphasizes that its secretive conversion process could be essential in helping the industry achieve both its legal and self-imposed climate targets.

The announcement of UBQ’s new UL Solutions certification comes as the company makes headway in its international expansion.

A new production facility is set to begin operating in the Netherlands next year, and recently several major brands entered partnerships with UBQ. PepsiCo Labs ordered 30,000 shipping pallets made with UBQ material, following a trial with Lay’s chip stand that also partly contained UBQ.

In May, the company also teamed up with Polymertal, which used UBQ to make SPP-50XX, a metalized polymer with environmental benefits.

SPP-50XX hosts a thin metal plating on top of a substrate consisting of 20% UBQ, enabling the material to exhibit key metallic properties while remaining lightweight.

The novel material carries a significantly reduced carbon footprint from that of aluminum, an often favored lightweight metal.

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