FINLAND – Australian chemical company, Borealis has partnered with packaging specialist PACCOR to develop a mono-material PP ice cream packaging for Froneri ice cream brand Aino.

New Aino ice cream packaging tubs and lids are injection molded from Bornewables PP by PACCOR in an integrated process with in-mold labeling decoration.

Inspired by Finnish nature, the tubs come as part of the Everminds initiative to accelerate the conversion to plastics circularity and reduce carbon impact.

The material is manufactured with 100% recyclable renewable feedstock and certified by mass balance accounting under the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification Plus (ISCC PLUS) scheme.

The companies claim that bio-based PP can be used as an effective instant solution without any further changes to custom manufacturing and packaging lines.

They also claim that using certified renewable raw materials helps customers reduce their carbon footprint.

By using renewable raw materials, we have been able to significantly reduce our CO₂ emissions without changing the manufacturing process, which is a significant achievement and another important step to reduce dependence on oil within our group,” said Andrzej Olszewski, Plant Manager at PACCOR Bydgoszcz.

Furthermore, compliance with the ISCC PLUS standard ensures full production transparency, maintaining high-quality standards for our ice cream packaging products.”

The partnership aligns with Borealis’ Consumer Products goal of ‘Making everyday living easier,’ as well as the company’s EverMinds efforts and initiatives for industrial partnerships along the value chain.

The Bornewables PP feedstock comes from second-generation biomass, waste, and residue streams and allows for easy traceability from the manufacturing process to the final application.

In addition, brand owners can use a representative label or molded-in information on the packaging to document the certified renewable content.

According to recent data by Innova Market Insights, around 40% of consumers worldwide strictly pay attention to environmental sustainability claims on packaging.

The data also shows that 45% of consumers say that being able to follow the traceability and transparency of the product is an important factor in their choice of purchase.

Packaging companies and manufacturers in Europe are increasingly embracing innovations and technologies that allow the use of recyclable raw materials in making packages.

Froneri, being the first ice cream company to receive the reputable ISCC PLUS certification in the packaging market segment, is planning to extend the use of the Bornewables polymers to more labels across the European market.

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