AFRICA – Getech, a world-leading locator of subsurface resources, has signed an agreement with LIAG (Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics), a partner in the HyAfrica consortium, to accelerate the exploration and development of natural hydrogen resources in Africa.

The collaboration targets the exploration and development of natural hydrogen deposits in Morocco, Mozambique, South Africa, and Togo, evaluating their economic and societal impacts. These discoveries will inform strategic plans to harness hydrogen as a sustainable energy source.

Getech brings its top-tier potential fields data, machine learning capabilities, and geoscience proficiency to fortify the consortium’s research endeavors.

This three-year HyAfrica initiative, underway with Getech’s involvement in geophysical research, leverages its unparalleled subsurface resource prediction capabilities in the quest for natural hydrogen.

This alliance not only enriches Getech’s comprehension of natural hydrogen but also solidifies its position as a key player in this burgeoning low-carbon energy domain.

Max Brouwers, Chief Business Development Officer at Getech, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Natural hydrogen presents an emerging clean energy resource with immense potential to address the global climate challenge, offering clean power and yielding only water as a byproduct.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with esteemed academic institutions to fuse our unique data and expertise with cutting-edge artificial intelligence techniques, aiming to unearth commercially viable natural hydrogen accumulations to drive the energy transition.”

Dr. Rodolfo Christiansen, Project Scientist at LIAG, emphasized, “The synergy of Getech’s unparalleled subsurface databases and expertise coupled with LIAG’s proficiency in geophysical exploration empowers us to adopt a more precise approach in pinpointing viable hydrogen resources. This aligns seamlessly with our dedication to renewable energy research across Africa.”

In a related development, Corrie de Jager, CEO of Hydrox Holdings, highlighted the potential of on-site green hydrogen production in resolving the energy crisis by eliminating challenges associated with establishing extensive electrical distribution networks.

De Jager underscored the pivotal role of accessible energy in enhancing lives and nurturing Africa’s potential through electricity access.

Hydrox’s innovative Proudly South African divergent electrode flow through (DEFTTM) technology, recognized with prestigious awards, promises enhanced hydrogen-producing electrolyzers’ efficiency by enabling operation without membranes at higher temperatures.

Highlighting the pressing need, Hydrox notes that over 600 million people in Africa lack access to electricity.

De Jager emphasized the transformative impact of substituting paraffin and diesel with methanol and hydrogen in people’s lives, projecting that their membraneless DEFT technology could potentially reduce hydrogen production costs by up to 30%.

Hydrox’s groundbreaking technology, triumphing over global competition, envisages its application in a marine context within Monaco, following its recognition at the principality’s hydrogen forum.

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