DENMARK – Packaging consultancy and manufacturer, Duo, has teamed up with Danish plastic recycler Plastix to develop a shrink film using recycled plastic derived from waste fishing gear.

Duo will produce shrink film for the outer packaging of food and beverages using Plastix’s Oceanix recycled plastic, crafted from 98% maritime waste, predominantly fishing nets and ropes.

The hazards of fishing gear to marine life are severe, threatening 66% of marine animals and 50% of seabirds.

Plastix’s technology offers a solution for the maritime industry to curtail the pollution caused by waste fishing gear that might otherwise end up in the oceans.

Oceanix has undergone a life-cycle assessment, confirming it provides up to 94% CO2e savings compared to virgin plastics.

Hans Axel Kristensen, CEO at Plastix, emphasizes, “Our independent LCA study on Oceanix not only demonstrates exceptional CO2 reductions but also highlights its remarkable efficiency: 11 times less freshwater usage, five times less ocean acidification impact, and 43 times less reliance on fossil resources compared to virgin plastics.”

Highlighting the dangers of waste fishing gear, Duo emphasizes the urgency to address this form of marine waste threatening wildlife.

The technology by Plastix aims to mitigate this issue while Oceanix’s confirmed CO2 emission savings of up to 94% compared to virgin plastics solidifies its sustainable impact.

“Our mission at Plastix is to combat maritime plastic pollution by providing the most sustainable green plastics as an immediate response to the global climate crisis,” asserts Kristensen.

Zoe Brimelow, Duo’s brand director, notes the increasing interest among brand owners to substitute virgin plastic shrink films with recycled alternatives.

“We were well-prepared, having the necessary machinery in place to start producing our new shrink films using Oceanix, requiring no additional business adjustments,” concludes Brimelow.

“With our profound expertise in plastic packaging, we believe this partnership lays a robust groundwork for expansion across the FMCG sector.”

Meanwhile, in 2021, Plastix collaborated with DFS, Randers Reb to create the first ever maritime rope – made from Plastix’ recycled post-use maritime ropes.

According to Plastix, this development proved that circular loop, even on products as technically complex as maritime gear, can be fully and successfully closed, to be recycled again and again.

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