KENYA – The Kenya Extended Producer Organization (KEPRO) has extended its successful sensitization drive to Kenya’s coastal region, following notable achievements in the western region.

From July 9th to 12th, 2024, KEPRO will collaborate with waste collectors, recyclers, stakeholders, and authorities in the coastal area to enhance waste management practices.

This initiative is a joint effort with partners including the County Government of Mombasa, DI East Africa, Hand in Hand Eastern Africa, Kenya Association of Waste Recyclers (KAWR), WWF-Kenya, Rotary Club of Mombasa, RAFIKI PEPS, and Pwani Circular Economy Association.

In addition, this collaboration ensures that all voices are heard and all efforts are united towards a common goal.

Under the theme ‘My Waste, My Responsibility’, KEPRO aims to empower stakeholders in the waste value chain and the general public with knowledge and tools to transform waste into valuable resources.

Dr. Tayba Hatimy, CEO of Baus Taka Enterprise, highlighted a significant challenge during KEPRO’s Mombasa Sensitization Drive, stating, “The biggest challenge we face along the coastline of Mombasa is the unauthorized waste collectors who collect waste from residents and dump it into the ocean.

“This irresponsible practice leads to severe ocean pollution, harming marine life and the environment. We must enforce stricter regulations and promote responsible waste management to protect our precious coastal ecosystems.”

Basil Angaga, Chief Sustainability Officer of the County Government of Mombasa, expressed the county’s commitment to addressing waste management challenges, saying, “Mombasa County Government is committed to addressing the waste management challenges in our county. We have developed a comprehensive plan to handle waste effectively but still face significant hurdles.

“Although we constructed a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in 2020, it is yet to become operational. We believe that through continued collaboration with stakeholders like KEPRO, we can overcome these challenges and enhance our waste management practices for a cleaner and greener Mombasa.”

KEPRO’s initiative aims to foster a culture of responsibility and innovation in waste management, ensuring that Kenya’s coastal region can benefit from improved practices and a more sustainable environment.

In February, the organization launched the Consumer-Led Transformation (CLT) Program to empower consumers to embrace eco-conscious decisions and foster a collective obligation to environmental guardianship.

The initiative seeks to instigate behavioral shifts and advocate for policies conducive to sustainable waste management, as articulated by KEPRO.

Moreover, CLT aims to unite consumers, producers, and authorities to advocate for plastic circularity within the nation.

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