SWEDEN – Mondi, a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper, has developed a new secondary paper packaging solution, TrayWrap, for bundling food and drinks, effectively replacing the industry-standard plastic shrink film.

This innovative solution is currently being used by a coffee brand to securely transport 12 coffee packages across Sweden.

TrayWrap is crafted from Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap, a 100% kraft paper from renewable resources.

The paper wrap secures the coffee packs tightly using 4-6 adhesive dots on the bottom side of the existing corrugated tray.

Pre-punched folding points ensure stability on each open side, allowing products to be seen, stacked, transported, and easily unpacked for sale.

Advantage StretchWrap is fully recyclable and easily disposed of in Europe’s paper recycling streams.

It boasts a unique combination of mechanical properties, including high strength, excellent puncture resistance, and very good stretchability.

These make it suitable for grouped packaging applications and compliant with future regulatory requirements in Europe.

Mondi has collaborated closely with Meurer to ensure that existing machinery can accommodate this new solution.

The technology is similar to film technology, enabling food and drink producers to modify existing processes without investing in new machines. Extensive independent testing has validated the solution’s effectiveness.

Meurer’s latest Paper Hood Machine (PHM) utilizes in-line paper technology that withstands higher mechanical stress. It efficiently handles many paper qualities, including Mondi’s Advantage StretchWrap and various tray formats.

“Our aim is always to innovate and provide solutions that work for the product, the customer, and the environment,” said Larsgoran Berglund, Business Development Manager Kraft Paper, Mondi.

“By working closely with Meurer, we are jointly mapping out a path to sustainability that is convenient for customers, supporting them in achieving their sustainability goals.”

Jens Averbeck, Senior Global Key Account Manager at Meurer, added, “We are delighted to be working with Mondi, developing solutions that will provide food and drink producers with effective and secure packaging solutions that reduce or replace unnecessary plastic.

“This is just one example of how effective paper can be in securing goods, and we look forward to working with more food producers with this product and process, tackling today’s challenges in the FMCG industries.”

This collaboration underscores Mondi’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. It provides eco-friendly packaging solutions that meet the needs of producers and consumers while supporting broader environmental goals.

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