SOUTH AFRICA – Mpact, South Africa’s leading paper and plastics packaging business and recycler, Mpact has renamed its Remade On Site service as Mpact Waste Management.

The previously named Remade On Site was the on-site waste management service offering within Remade Recycling.

It comprises a team of experts with over 30 years of waste management experience that create bespoke waste management solutions for its clients and work on site at their premises.

The teams operate at over 250 sites nationally, offering tailor-made solutions for businesses of all sizes, big or small.

“Mpact Waste Management offers its customers a single point of contact and the team is easily accessible,” says John Hunt, Managing Director of the recycling business comprising Mpact Recycling and Mpact Waste Management.

“The Mpact Waste Management team get to know their sites intimately so they understand a business’ individual waste patterns, can advise accordingly and adapt an environmentally acceptable solution where necessary.”

This unique on-site perspective allows Mpact Waste Management to assist businesses in reducing the amount of their waste going to landfill by identifying what can and cannot be recycled, and what is potentially hazardous waste.

Business owners can also be assured of legal compliance through the implementation of on-site waste management solutions.

“If there was ever a perfect time to rename our Remade On Site brand, it’s now,” adds Hunt.

“The naming makes things logical, fitting in under the Mpact umbrella, and gives our various businesses a clear definition and purpose.”

“This change ushers in a positive era for our business that provides a national footprint of recycling services, which serve our clients and customers better, and fosters a strong sense of collaboration among our employees.”

Mpact Waste Management is now expected to improve recycling in the ever evolving and ‘most efficient’ waste management industry on the continent.

Despite having an efficient waste management industry, South Africa is still generating large amounts of waste annually and most of our landfill sites are fast approaching full capacity.

According to the latest available statistics, the country generates roughly 122 million tonnes of waste per year.

Of this waste, a maximum of only 10% is recycled or recovered for other uses, while at least 90% is landfilled or dumped illegally.

With good waste legislation as a key driver of innovation in the waste management industry coupled with a large informal waste sector, the country expects to increase the amount of waste recycled.

In addition, the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations and carbon tax schemes have brought a lot of great shifts in the way waste is viewed and will become a great driver in the ongoing development of waste technology.

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