GERMANY – Multivac, a leading global provider of packaging solutions for food has introduced two new sustainable labeling solutions for fresh produce trays, Top Wrap and Top Close, to complement its Full Wrap concept.

Top Wrap involves applying a label to the top and both sides of the tray while Top Close seals the tray closed just with a label from above.

According to Multivac, both concepts are an ideal choice for fresh products, which do not have to be packed under a modified atmosphere or airtight in a vacuum.

This means that a label can be used to simply seal the tray closed and label it attractively at the same time.

The company says that both solutions provide a strong purchasing incentive thanks to their ”attractive label and recyclable pack.”

”The self-adhesive labels on a backing material not only offer a large area for customer information and marketing purposes, they also open up a wide range of possibilities for product presentation in terms of material thickness and label shape,” Multivac stated.

”It is possible for example to have cut-outs in the label, as well as adhesive-free zones so that contact with the product is prevented. Perforations serve as opening aids and make the handling of the packs easy for the consumer.”

In addition, it is also possible with Top Wrap to use film labels made of polypropylene. Polypropylene labels offer the benefit of providing an optimum view of the product thanks to the transparent window on the top of the tray.

Multivac added that transparent labels allowed for an optimum view of the product, while ventilation holes ensure that there is air circulation.

The label can also be printed on the labeler itself with a best-before date for example, and it is even possible to inspect the print on the label.

The packs improve the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, therefore, making a major contribution to preventing food waste as a result of premature spoilage.

The introduction of these closures comes at a time when around 60% of fresh fruit and vegetables in Germany are sold pre-packed in retail outlets, according to the company.

To curtail food waste, the German government is investing around €14 million (US$14.03 million) is to be invested in developing a red-yellow-green traffic light-style system. The technology will be able to help consumers to know whether a product is still edible.

The German Ministry of Food and Agriculture has also published a few consumer tips together with its new plan to combat waste.

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