UK – Leading Baltics flexible packaging manufacturer Polipaks, has made major investments into new sustainable product options with introduction of flat bottom pouches.

This follows a hugely successful 2021, where the company experienced sales gains in challenging market conditions.

With over 25 years of experience in flexible packaging, Polipaks are helping a broad range of customers with their packaging requirements, helping them stand out in-store.

Flat Bottom Pouch enables improved merchandising in the retail setting, high-impact branding, and supplies exceptional user-friendly features.

The Flat Bottom Pouch has a 100% stable bottom and a rigid structure, which makes merchandising much easier for retailers.

This gives the bags excellent posture, keeping them upright and supplying a consistent look in-store.

This capability provides a fantastic opportunity to present brand messaging with high impact, particularly when multiple product facings are used.

Polipaks now also offer the highest quality of print for flexible packaging with Expanded Gamut Printing.

This includes a CMYK+OGV option with a high resolution of 175LPI, printed on Flexo HD printing machines. All this ensures the best quality print producing vibrant branding.

Due to the fantastic structure of the Flat Bottom Pouch, the concept and information on the pack can be viewed with ease.

In a day and age where information and compliance are key to food manufacturers, the Flat Bottom Pouch offers five facings where information can be presented.

For all brand owners, it is essential to display not only products with impactful branding but also communicate brand stories, key food ingredients, and communicating sustainable sourcing. This also enables areas for vital elements such as barcodes, QR codes, and iconography.

Once in the hand of the consumer, the superb finishing available can give the right look and feel that’s perfect for a brand.

Matt, Gloss, Paper-Like, and Soft Touch can all supply the ideal feeling for the product on offer, depending on the type of brand.

The Flat Bottom Pouch can be customized to suit the brand’s offers. This includes premium features such as top sliders, hook zips, front zips, and pocket zip to keep the product fresh once opened and in use.

Polipaks have all the capabilities to meet many industry requirements whilst supplying a recyclable packaging solution, which will meet the demands of eco-minded end users.

As part of the UK Plastics’ Pact, Polipaks are also focusing on extending their already wide range of sustainable plastic packaging solutions to be 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025. 

The Flat Bottom Pouch is a product that will give major advantages to brands, giving the absolute best look in-store.

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