USA – Cincinnati-based packaging developer ProAmpac has introduced a patent-pending curbside insulated bag, the ProActive Recyclable FiberCool.

This innovative product, unlike the traditional Self-Opening Sack, offers a recyclable solution with unmatched temperature retention capabilities.

The introduction of FiberCool underscores ProAmpac’s commitment to pioneering innovation and sustainability, setting a new standard for recyclable packaging in the food and grocery delivery sector.

By integrating insulation, ease of use, and environmental advantages, FiberCool enhances delivery performance and caters to the increasing demand for eco-friendly packaging choices.

Chad Murdock, President of ProAmpac’s Fiber Division, proudly commented, “The paper bag has seen little innovation over the past few decades; ProAmpac set out to change that. FiberCool is a pioneering one-piece design that not only enhances insulation properties but also eliminates assembly time, saves storage space, and reduces materials and costs.

“Plus, it has been prequalified for curbside recyclability, a testament to our commitment to sustainable innovation.”

ProActive Recyclable FiberCool is touted as a more sustainable alternative to conventional multi-material and multi-step insulated packaging.

It offers brands an enhanced appearance with high-definition print quality. The bag can feature variable QR codes in various sizes to meet specific retailer requirements.

Ray Recchia, Global Innovation Manager for ProAmpac’s Sustainable Paper Packaging, affirmed, “Under a stringent testing protocol, depending on the products, FiberCool surpasses a standard paper bag by demonstrating temperature retention up to 30% better.

“This superior thermal performance curbs food spoilage and waste while reducing packaging weight compared to traditional multipart thermal bag packaging.”

In a recent development, ProAmpac partnered with Sammi to introduce a fiber-based modified atmosphere sandwich pack (MAP), marking a significant advancement in sustainability within the food-to-go market.

Sammi’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its selection of innovative packaging solutions, which focus on sustainable impact and extended shelf life to minimize both packaging and food waste.

By opting for fiber-based packaging sourced from responsibly managed forests, Sammi leads the way in grab-and-go sandwiches, replacing rigid plastic clamshells to reduce its packaging footprint.

ProAmpac is launching its fiber-based MAP RAP Sandwich Wedge in the North American market. It is engineered specifically for sandwiches and wraps.

This patented technology merges the benefits of modified atmosphere packaging with predominantly fiber-based materials, driving innovation in food-to-go packaging.

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