BRAZIL – Brazil-based Socorro Bebidas has adopted Crown’s infinitely recyclable beverage cans for its mineral water line Acquíssima.

The brand, Acquíssima, is currently available in supermarkets across Brazil in two SKUs: Personnalité (natural mineral water) and Passion (carbonated mineral water).

The cans have a matte finish, which gives the product a touch of refinement and makes it stand out on store shelves.

Crown said that matte varnish was applied to the entire surface of the can to give it a premium look and grab consumer attention.

According to the firm, beverage cans come with several built-in sustainability advantages, such as a strong barrier against light and oxygen that will keep the water as fresh as when it was canned.

In addition to its functional benefits, aluminum cans are 100% and infinitely recyclable, making them a perfect example of the Circular Economy at work.

While Brazil already enjoys a high recycling rate for aluminum cans – consistently over 95% – the country recently joined Every Can Counts initiative to advance recycling even further.

The regional campaign, called Cada Lata Conta (Portuguese for “Every Can Counts) and led by Abralatas, will utilize public education and other activities to transform the way consumers think about recycling beverage cans.

Soccoro Bebidas Commercial Director Maurício Cruz said: “We have enjoyed a long relationship with Crown, having worked together to package several of our other products.

“When it was time to determine the best format for the Acquíssima brand, they were a natural resource. This is entry into the water market, and the Crown team provided the guidance and knowledge our team needed.

“Beverage cans offer the convenience, durability and recyclability that are priorities for our brand and our customers and enhance the quality and appearance of our products.”

The decision by the firm to use beverage cans for its mineral water line come at a time when still packaged water consumption per capita in Brazil has increased by 105%, over the last decade and continues to take market share from tap and bulk water.

This growth in demand for packaged water has presented Soccoro and other local beverage producers with an opportunity to diversify their brand portfolios and many are exploring how to bring these products to market while also supporting sustainability.

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