UK – Biopax, a manufacturer of sustainable carton packaging, paper wraps, and self-adhesive labels, has been honored for its commitment to environmental responsibility and manufacturing excellence.

At this year’s Business Eye Sustainability Awards, Biopax was named Sustainable Company of the Year, underscoring its leadership in driving sustainability within the manufacturing sector.

Earlier this year, the company was also recognized as Manufacturer of the Year at the prestigious Manufacturing Excellence Awards.

These accolades, held for the first time, celebrate businesses across various industries’ contributions to manufacturing and innovation. Biopax’s success at both events highlights its dedication to sustainability and excellence.

“Winning these awards is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication,” said Patrick Cross, Group Managing Director of Biopax.

“We are committed to driving sustainability and innovation in our industry, and these recognitions reinforce our efforts to push boundaries and set new standards.”

Biopax’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its initiatives, such as developing eco-friendly packaging materials and implementing energy-efficient manufacturing processes.

Significant investments in research and development ensure that Biopax’s products meet and surpass environmental standards.

Recently, Biopax entered into a strategic partnership with HEIDELBERG to further enhance its capabilities in producing high-quality, eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Under the guidance of Terry Cross OBE, Biopax prioritizes sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices.

Bioffex wins composting award for sustainable packaging

In another development, Lifoam Industries, a subsidiary of LifeMade Products, has been recognized for its innovative Bioffex technology with the top prize in the 2024 US Plastics Pact (USPP) Sustainable Packaging Innovation Award’s Compostability category.

This award acknowledges Lifoam’s commitment to developing environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

Bioffex represents a groundbreaking departure from traditional foam packaging materials. It utilizes a polylactic acid (PLA)–based bead foam, eliminating reliance on petroleum-derived feedstocks commonly found in expanded polystyrene (EPS).

This biobased composition is verified through ASTM D6866-20 Method B and qualifies for the United States Department of Agriculture’s BioPreferred program.

Beyond its biobased origins, Bioffex offers several environmental benefits. Compared to traditional EPS production, the molding process requires less water and generates fewer greenhouse gases.

Additionally, products made with Bioffex can be commercially composted in under four weeks, significantly outperforming EPS in landfills and offering a superior carbon footprint.

“Winning this award validates our commitment to making a tangible impact on the environment through our Bioffex innovation,” said Brian Searfoss, President and CEO of LifeMade Products.

“We are grateful to the USPP for acknowledging our efforts, and we are more determined than ever to continue our journey towards a more sustainable and circular future.”

Lifoam’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond this award. The company emphasizes its dedication to pioneering packaging solutions that push industry boundaries and contribute to a healthier planet.

“The material thought leaders behind Jadex and its operating companies are taking actions every day to become a more sustainable organization,” commented Mario D’Ovidio, CEO of Jadex.

“We at Jadex are constantly innovating ways to reduce plastic pollution to ensure we leave behind a better world for future generations. Bioffex technology is a prime example of this, and we are proud to receive this award.”

This recognition positions Lifoam’s Bioffex as a leading contender in the sustainable packaging market for companies seeking eco-friendly solutions.

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