UAE – Tadweer announced a US$2.5 million pilot project with Aquagrain, a company that developed unique soil-enhancing technology using organic waste for arid land, sandy soils, or pots, reducing water and fertilizers by up to 50 percent.

Aquagrain’s innovation turns organic food industry waste into a biodegradable polymer, serving as a water reservoir for plants.

Supported by an AED100 million (US$27.23m) R&D fund from ADQ, this project is part of ADQ Growth Lab, focusing on innovation, growth, and sustainability in the UAE’s key sectors.

Ali Al Dhaheri, Managing Director and CEO of Tadweer, expressed pride in partnering with Aquagrain, aiming to enhance circularity in waste management for economic and innovative value.

Paul Smith, Aquagrain’s CEO, highlighted their collaboration with Tadweer as a crucial step in their development, aligning with the UAE’s commitment to sustainability and addressing food security challenges in the region and globally.

The project involves building Abu Dhabi’s first commercial-scale Aquagrain facility, converting organic waste into Aquagrain for farming and horticulture, reducing carbon emissions and enhancing land usage.

In early 2023, Aquagrain was recognized in the UAE’s FoodTech Challenge for its innovative solutions addressing food security and sustainability across the food supply chain and the planet.

Meanwhile, in October, Tadweer signed an initial agreement with Borouge, the joint venture between Adnoc and Austrian chemicals producer Borealis, to explore recycling opportunities in Abu Dhabi.

The companies will look into the management and adoption of “best practice” in waste management, sorting and mechanical recycling of polymers, said Borouge.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Tadweer to promote and implement stronger circular economy initiatives in the UAE,” said Hazeem Al Suwaidi, chief executive of Borouge.

“Together, we are exploring innovative ways of sorting and recycling polymers in alignment with national and international best practices.”

Both Borouge and Tadweer will set up frameworks, that unlock “value added” business opportunities through potential joint investments in brown and greenfield assets, the companies said.

The companies will also team up to support local regulatory frameworks related to the sustainable management of polymer waste.

“Our partnership is not just about recycling polymers; it’s about reimagining our impact on the environment, society, and the economy,” concluded Ali Al Dhaheri, managing director and chief executive of Tadweer.

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