GERMANY – KHS has significantly enhanced the efficiency of its modular Innofill PET DRV filler, incorporating three key improvements that enable faster and more effective filling of still and carbonated beverages into PET bottles, maintaining their usual reliable standard of quality even under extreme conditions.

Typically used with a stretch blow molder in a duo block or an additional labeler in a TriBlock, the Innofill PET DRV now features three new enhancements.

These upgrades allow the filler to better meet the growing demands of the beverage industry, particularly for still and carbonated drinks.

Firstly, bottlers benefit from higher speeds for large containers without compromising flexibility.

Secondly, KHS has redefined high-speed filling with an output of up to 90,000 PET bottles per hour.

Thirdly, introducing bottle-based full jet cooling ensures an even more reliable quality standard.

High capacity for large containers

KHS’s new Innofill PET DRV HC (high capacity) filler option provides the extra flexibility needed in a dynamic market, particularly for filling large containers holding 1.5 liters or more.

Two technical optimizations can boost the machine’s output for these container sizes by up to 15%. The product bowl has been raised, increasing the static height between the tubular ring vessel and the filling valve, resulting in a higher filling speed.

The pneumatic switching valve between the tank and filling valve has three switching steps instead of two, allowing for three different filling speeds.

This flexibility lets beverage producers fill small and large containers with optimum quality and efficiency.

Importantly, the different filling speeds do not affect CO2 consumption, and larger containers require no CO2 at all due to the elimination of nozzle technology in the filling valve.

Speed further increased

KHS has increased the high speed of its DRV fillers to meet the demands of the Asian market, among others.

With an output of up to 90,000 containers per hour for carbonated soft drinks, KHS addresses the growing needs of its customers.

At these high speeds, the challenge is to convey beverage containers gently and safely to prevent damage and spillage. Using advanced simulation technology, the impact of centrifugal force on the beverage sloshing in the bottle is calculated.

CFD (computational fluid dynamics) calculations consider the bottle contour, fill level, and diameter, as well as the star geometries and capacities, to precisely determine how the liquid behaves and moves during the filling and capping process.

Machine geometries on the container conveyor and stars are adjusted to ensure a reliable production process.

Cool base instead of cold feet

The new bottle base cooling function is part of KHS’s energy-efficient and compact block system. Manfred Härtel, KHS’s filling product manager, explains that PET bottles must withstand filling pressure when filling carbonated beverages.

When the containers leave the stretch blow molder at about 80°C, they must be cooled quickly to become completely solid, particularly for complex bottle base designs.

Previous convection cooling methods often fail in tropical regions with high temperatures, risking damage to the soft base material and compromising bottle stability or leak tightness.

KHS’s new bottle base full jet cooling procedure ensures containers achieve adequate stability before pressurized filling.

This method uses a regulated, filtered cooling water circuit, significantly reducing water consumption.

Besides its excellent cooling properties, the process also improves hygiene and eliminates the need for two stars, making this reliable technology the new standard for the Innofill PET DRV filler.

With these improvements, KHS’s modular Innofill PET DRV filler sets a new benchmark in the beverage industry, enhancing speed, flexibility, and reliability while supporting sustainability and efficiency.

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