GERMANY/NETHERLANDS – Mondi, a British packaging company, has achieved a remarkable 95% reduction in waste at its release liner production sites in Germany and the Netherlands over the span of two years.

Collaborating with Veyzle, WEPA, and Soprema, Mondi has transformed its waste management approach into a circular endeavor, turning treated waste into valuable secondary raw materials for various applications in hygiene and insulation.

At pilot locations in Jülich, Germany, and Heerlen, the Netherlands, Veyzle undertakes the collection and processing of siliconized and coated paper production waste.

Through sorting, shredding, and baling, Veyzle prepares these materials for repurposing. Subsequently, WEPA employs advanced repulping technology to valorize the coated papers, crafting them into essential hygiene products such as toilet paper and paper towels.

To minimize transportation footprint, Mondi, Veyzle, and WEPA strategically operate in close proximity. Furthermore, Soprema capitalizes on Mondi’s production waste as a fundamental component in its cellulose wadding, thereby enhancing the energy efficiency of buildings.

Carlos Martinez Ezquerra, Circular Economy manager Flexible Packaging at Mondi, emphasizes the company’s commitment to waste elimination through its MAP2030 agenda.

He highlights the objective of maximizing the effective utilization of production waste as secondary raw materials, celebrating the substantial 95% reduction achieved at both locations.

Looking ahead, Mondi aims to extend such practices across its other release liner locations in Europe, collaborating with industry leaders like CELAB and forging new partnerships to enhance the circular flow of materials.

Mondi expands production of paper-based EcoWicketBags

In parallel, Mondi announces the expansion of its production of paper-based EcoWicketBags, responding to the escalating demand for sustainable packaging in the home and personal care (HPC) sector.

This expansion, taking place at its plant in Szada, Hungary, underscores Mondi’s commitment to an integrated value chain, from paper production to coating and conversion.

Crafted from Mondi’s FunctionalBarrier Paper 95/5, renowned for its robustness and customizable barrier properties, EcoWicketBags offer comprehensive protection throughout the product lifecycle, from filling to storage.

Designed for recyclability in standard European paper mills according to 4evergreen guidelines, these bags align with the pursuit of a circular economy, supporting customers in the HPC industry to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Piotr Barczykowski, Sales Director Consumer Flexibles at Mondi, expresses satisfaction in meeting consumer and customer demands for sustainable solutions with the expansion of paper-based EcoWicketBags at the Szada plant, strategically positioned to cater to diverse European markets.

With this expansion, Mondi further enriches its portfolio of recyclable packaging solutions, offering customers a range of options to align with their sustainability targets and contribute to a more circular economy.

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